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We at Pranas providing CRS (Central Reservation System) that stores and distributes information of a resort, hotel, and other lodging options available. A CRS enables hotel managers in organizing and managing their online and offline sales, enabling them to upload their room rates and room availabilities which can be easily seen by their sales channels. This product will be useful to the property owners who can sell their property either online or website. Admin Control Panel will be given where Hoteliers can load room types and rates, and control the content of their hotel profile, from descriptions of facilities and amenities to images .


  • Real time inventory access to multiple sales channel.
  • Manage rates and availability in real time.
  • Receive instant booking and cancellation notifications via e-mail and sms.


  • Send invoices and vouchers easily using an auto e-mail feature.
  • Centralised inventory for hotel distributers, CRS providers and online travel agents.


"Great company to take the travel portal development project for us! We knew it was a big and complicated project from the start but the IT Craft team ensured everything was delivered as per the requirements and on time. I will most definitely be using them again! Highly recommended."

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"I am very impressed by the quality of the team working on our project. Not only is the code top quality which many development houses can write but the team displays a real understanding of our issues and comes with suggestions and ideas that are very impressive."

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"E-commerce site in today’s environment, it is very important to have strong technology infrastructure to stay above your competition. Over the last 7+ year, Pranas hasn't just been an outsourcing company for us, but an extension to our own team."

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"Perfect technology partner for us for over 7 years. They bring a high standard of performance, technical resources and support Web design, development and support."

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