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  • Amadeus

    Amadeus travel software provides technology that helps in growing in the travel sector. It includes moving initial search, accomplishing an online booking, making the best price available, managing the reservations, managing check-ins and management of the departure procedure. Amadeus travel software helps in improving the business solution for the travel agencies, corporations, airlines, hotels, railways, car rental companies, airline companies, cruise lines and ferry operations.

  • Galileo

    The growing network of the travel industry requires a system that could consolidate the global travel services data and make it available under a single roof. Galileo travel software is the right CRS (computer reservation system) owned by Travelport catering all the needs related to airline reservations, hotel reservations, travel package bookings, bus reservations, transfers, car rentals, rail and cruise bookings.

  • Sabre

    Sabre, a global travel technology company has been serving the largest industry of the world i.e. the travel and tourism industry. Sabre travel software provides solution to corporate, travelers, airlines, hotels, cars, rails, cruise and the tour operator companies. Sabre travel software operates in the world largest market place, the travel industry. It helps in connecting the buyers and sellers through a software system. The innovating technology that is implemented in Sabre travel software helps in connecting 350,000 travel agents and corporate and leisure, online travel shoppers to 400 airlines, 116,000 hotels, 27 car rental brands, 50 rail providers, 16 cruise line and other travel suppliers operating globally. In total the Sabre travel software helps in making a business of $110 billion each years for the travel agents and the travel companies associated with it.

  • TravelFusion

    Travelfusion, headquartered in London (UK) with offices in Shanghai (China), was established in 2000 recognized early on how the Internet would change the travel distribution landscape. Travelfusion pioneered a low-cost Direct Connect distribution model that enabled suppliers to connect directly with online travel agencies, tour operators, and search companies. Travelfusion today aggregates 220+ low cost carriers (LCCs), Full Service Carriers (FSCs), and rail operators.

  • Mystifly

    Mystifly was founded in 2009. Mystifly is an Anywhere-to-Anywhere global airfare company, offering airfare content from 900+ airlines across 70+ countries. Mystifly has evolved into a company of international fame with its distinguished customer base across 60+ countries, in a span of 6 years. Its supplier network in 70+ countries renders its customers, the privilege to offer ticketing fulfillment services across diverse geographies. Mystifly powers travel organizations with an Anywhere-to-Anywhere B2B booking platform-MyFareBox, with the ability to book lowest global airfares originating from any part of the world. Mystifly, today is one of the biggest B2B global airfare consolidator services company that empowers travel business by providing travel technology solutions to Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Online Travel Agents, Corporate, Hotels and Travel Management Companies across the globe.

  • Multicom

    The travel and technology industries have a long history of working together to meet the evolving needs of their business and retail customers. The travel technology solutions we offer today are a direct result of more than 20 years experience working closely with businesses throughout the travel industry. Multicom is one of the most established and well respected suppliers of online travel Software and travel technology solutions for the global travel industry. For over 20 years, they’ve helped both large and small companies in the travel industry to do their business better through our online travel software.

  • GTA

    The GTA hotel API allows the travel technology development company to help integrating the API into the existing hotel booking system or build a new website through the contents of the API. The flexible nature of the GTA XML helps in defining information the way that the hotel companies want to display. XML format helps in merging the data for various suppliers that is used for distributing travel content and information as per the requirement of the hotel business. GTA hotel API integration helps the organization to make choice from the XML integration and this is specifically dependent on the business requirement and infrastructure. Integrating with the GTA travel provides access to real time availability for properties (hotels and apartments) over 30,000 suppliers that are based in around 150 countries. This definitely gives a boost to the travel business and helps in showcasing the property to the travelers all around the world.

  • Hotelbeds

    Hotelbeds is a market leader working with large number of global B2B partners connected to around 50,000 hotels across the globe and also serving around 2,500 resorts spread across 80 countries which makes itself a leader in Hotel APIs. The extensive contracting capabilities of hotel beds lead to competitive rates which make maximum number of hotel rooms available. Hotelbeds has a very fast web service in comparison to the other APIs, leading to high scalability and impressive element of online hotel reservation software. The service includes hotels, transfers, sightseeing along with the car rentals. The hotel API provides variety and pricing for countries like the USA, UK, Europe, India and Saudi Arabia.

  • Hotelspro

    HotelsPro is a hotel web service provider which is connected to 95,000 hotels at around 15,000 destinations spread across Europe, Asia, Middle East, USA and Canada making itself the best hotel wholesaler across the globe. HotelsPro hotel API integration is an important travel software for the travel agents to get maximum hotel contents from worldwide suppliers. The hotel API integration makes the dynamic data integrated into the web portal giving 24/7 access to the lowest hotel rates.

  • DOTW

    DOTW (Destination of the world) is connected to hotels to over 1,200 cities with majority of them located in Asian countries like UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The options available in DOTW range from economy class rooms to budgets hotels to luxurious apartments and to top-end hotels. DOTW hotel API is designed to incorporate the features that are favoured by the travel customers and hotel suppliers. The hotel API interface of DOTW helps the travel agent and tour operators to offer features like hotel booking, sight-seeing packages, transfers and other activities to the partners and to the clients. Multiple distribution channel emphasized with channel manager usage and connectivity to GDS and the mobile booking engines.

  • Travco

    Travco hotel API integration helps the online travel agencies streamline and ease the process of searching and booking accommodation from the vast pool of hotel suppliers associated with travco tourism. This process of integration leads to a variety of deals which is sufficient for satisfying all the travelers who choose the travel agency. The hotels that are a part of the travco hotel reservation system range from low-budget hotels to five-star hotels with around 10,000 best –priced hotels spread over Europe, Thailand and Australia.

  • Miki Travel

    Miki hotel API is specifically designed for the purpose of travel trade along with seamless communication and direct connectivity to the customers and suppliers system. The travel agencies and the travel management companies get connected to hotels, supplies, global distribution system and web services. Being a renowned supplier of millions of hotel room in Europe, Asia and USA. Miki hotel API integration will get you associated with 32,000 hotels around the world. Miki hotel API integration with the existing booking engine of the travel agencies and the travel companies gives access to the vast global travel content that is a part of the Miki travels. The larger number of inventories that you get access to helps in converting every visit to a confirmed booking.

  • Jac Travel

    Jac travel Hotel API specializes as a provider of large number of contents and database related to tourism and hospitality services. The company possess an extensive network of hospitality related enterprises along with 11000 hotels spread across 80 countries starting from UK, Ireland, Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Asia, USA, Canada, Africa and Middle East and thus facilitating the travel agency with a wide range of lodging solution. Jac travel API integration helps the travel agents to accommodate the Jac travel searches directly into their websites. High speed API integration fetches XML encoded results.

  • Tourico

    Integrating with Tourico hotel API would provide help in getting access to the best hotel chains, cruise liner and many more service providers across the world. Being the first travel company to launch full XML platform provides travel agents and OTAs the seamless access to multiple products spread across numerous destination in the world. Being one of the most famous hotel networks with more than 150 international websites, 23,000 merchant hotels in one single XML interface makes the travel agent website the best for all kind of travel reservations along with this their operation supporting 23 languages.

  • Restel

    Restel hotel API are designed for the purpose of sharing the hotel inventory to the global travel agents. The information about availability and room types and pricing are shared through API integration. When a travel agent integrates restel hotel API, it enables them to provide their clients with the best deal, irrespective of the size of the travel agencies. Restel hotel API integration makes all the information regarding the hotel available at the tip of the finger.

  • Kuoni

    The Kuoni group, one of the largest travel company in switzerland specializes in luxury and tailor made travel and cater to the needs of the business and consumer market. Kuoni hotel API integration is the best solution for the travel agencies and the travel companies for selling the entire travel product range of kuoni through their website. Further to this kuoni’s services consists of B2B offerings, outbound and travel specialist dealing with different tour operation and destination management services and finally the visa processing services.

  • Exclusively Hotels

    In 1999, TotalStay was founded. It started as a hotel booking website offering 19.000 hotels worlwilde to the UK consumer. Hotel Pronto was launched as a white label / affiliate solution servicing a number of high profile online travel partners and airlines. It was one of the first aggregator models in the industry. Then, TotalStay launched Exclusively Hotels as trade only hotel booking tool, which is used by more than 15.000 travel agencies in over 30 countries. TotalStay offer a complete and competitively priced inventory for the trade, an easy to use booking journey, attractive commercial agreements and a range of technical and practical solutions. Our dedicated travel professionals are always there to offer an unrivalled level of service.

  • Trans Hotels

    Grupo Transhotel is a global hotel wholesaler with over 900 travel industry. They provide hotel rooms and services around the world using the most current booking technology available. Grupo Transhotel works with over 70,000 hotels internationally.

  • Goglobal

    Go Global Travel is a dynamic organization founded by professionals with hotelier and wholesales travel industry backgrounds, which operates on markets throughout Europe, and via strategic acquisitions and partnerships in North & South America, Asia and Africa. Go Global Travel is a leading b2b wholesaler, dedicate to travel trade partners only, with a client base of over 20,000 travel agencies and tour operators worldwide.

  • Methabook

    Methabook is based on a brand new concept of central booking. The initial idea was put into practice five years ago and they are determined to expand it abroad. Nowadays, over 5000 clients in Europe, USA, Brazil, India, Japan and Malaysia are part of their project and the best background to broaden their horizons. In this sense, they are growing in number, providing over 150.000 hotels worldwide. They range from cheap accommodation in remote places to the best known resorts in exotic destinations. Their partners are offered maximum flexibility when making reservations thanks to an online confirmation service, in real time and full guaranteed.

  • Jumbo Tours

    Since its inception in 1977 Jumbo Tours has focused on becoming one of the market leaders in the International Incoming Network. Jumbo Tours currently extends its professional services to all the main Spanish tourist resorts and is prominent in other Mediterranean and worldwide destinations, including France, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Cape Verde Islands, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Tanzania.

  • Special Tours

    Special Tours, established in 1987, is a global travel wholesaler, offering its services exclusively to Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Airlines.

  • AIC Travel

    AIC Travel Group SA offers a completely interactive online booking system and is one of the leading wholesale travel service suppliers in Europe. As one of European’s leading travel wholesalers, AIC Travel Group is active across the entire value chain, from technical deployment to professional assistance including hotel contracts. AIC HOTELS was founded in the earliest 2000s with the firm intention to become a key player in the world of hotel management reservation. Today, with 100’000 hotels available including 15’000 hotel direct contracts, AIC HOTELS is a vital global point of reference for individual room reservations in the world. Mainly use for hotel reservations, it also permits to enjoy a lot of touristic services that you can add to your hotel booking and realize packages

  • WHL

    Albatravel Group was born in Venice in the early '80s as a company specialized in tourism and more precisely operating in the incoming sector. In 1997 the company launched a hotel reservation system in the Italian market which became a huge success. Thanks to that winning start Albatravel started its expansion on the Italian territory opening new offices in Milan, Rome, Genoa, Lecce, Messina, Pescara and Florence. Today the portal is the European leader in the B2B online booking market (distributed only to travel agents), by offering net prices in a wide range of tailor made services, a choice of over 160,000 hotels in 185 countries around the world in addition to a large range of other different products such as transfers, city tours, parks, museums, attractions, entertainment, travel cards in major cities and also flights, trains, ferries, car hire, yachts and sailing routes and food and wine tours.

  • Priceline is one of the biggest players in online travel. They're a diverse group of creative, self-motivated individuals with a passion for making travel easier, more affordable and more rewarding for their customers. is a market leading brand that helps expand your hotel's visibility and grants access to over 13 million potential guests. is part of the Priceline Group (Nasdaq: PCLN), which includes,,, and now OpenTable.

  • Expedia

    Travel Portal Development or a Hotel Reservation System has never been easy when the brand like Expedia which was once famous in US market only expanded itself with more travel contents and implemented a global approach by providing its contents for airline reservation system and hotel reservation system for any travel booking system website. Expedia API integration can connect the travel agency to 140,000 hotels spread across 243 countries. The travel software supports 36 languages along with flexible payment option which will support 23 currencies.

  • Agoda

    Agoda Company Pte Ltd is an Online Travel Agency (OTA) based in Singapore that offers accommodation booking services through its website and mobile app. is reported to be the only Asia-based online travel company to hold a spot within the top six, according to data from industry observer, Skift. It offers its service in 38 different languages, with various types of accommodations included in its inventory, from hotels and b&bs to beach resorts, rest houses and homestays.

  • B.V., part of the Priceline Group (Nasdaq: PCLN), owns and operates, the world leader in booking accommodation online. Each day, over 1,000,000 room nights are reserved on The website and apps attract visitors from both the leisure and business sectors worldwide. Established in 1996, B.V. guarantees the best prices for every type of property, from small, family-run bed and breakfasts to executive apartments and five-star luxury suites. Self-catered properties are also specifically a focus of, a sister site recently launched by Truly international, is available in more than 40 languages, and offers 909,860 active properties in 223 countries and territories.

  • Roomsxml

    RoomsXML is a single feed to approx. 95,000 unique properties across thousands of destinations around the world, offering real time access. RoomsXML has direct contracting offices and dedicated business units strategically located across the globe. Its local reach combined with global buying power enables the company to establish fruitful relationship with properties that not only adds to the unique product offering and rate competitiveness but also helps in getting availability during peak seasons. And because it solely focuses in offering accommodation, it can do so cost-effectively.

  • TACentre, Asia's 1st online wholesale system with all-inclusive travel packages, is backed with over 18 years of online travel experience. It is also a B2B system that offers a travel intermediary a full suite of travel components from flights, hotels, tours, transport, attraction tickets to packages within a single platform with instant confirmation. Headquartered in Singapore and sales offices in Asia and Middle East, our direct contracted and consolidation models offer you the widest choice of travel products worldwide in one system.

  • AVIS

    Avis is a joint venture between The Oberoi Group (which operates 30 hotels, 1 Nile cruiser and 1 Motor Vessel with presence in six countries under the luxury ‘Oberoi’ and five-star ‘Trident’ brands) & Avis Budget Group (a leading global provider of vehicle rental services). The company is recognized the world over as a strong, iconic and truly global brand and industry leaders in quality and reliability of services, catering to the expectations of all business, corporate & leisure travelers. As India's leading car rental service provider they have been present in the country for over 16 years and consists of more than 2500 premium cars across India, established network extending across 50 conveniently located rental stations in 19 cities.

  • Budget

    Budget Rent a Car was founded in 1958 as a car rental company for the "budget-minded" renter. Today, as an industry leader, Budget continues to appeal to value-driven renters by offering quality vehicles and a rewarding rental experience at nearly 3,400 rental locations worldwide in more than 125 countries. Budget, celebrating its 50th anniversary, is one of the world's best-known car rental brands. Rent Budget and "Rent like A Genius!" Budget leads the way in providing services to the customers that require value for rent a car services. As a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group, Inc., Budget stands at a global business and consumer leader as one of the world's best-known vehicle brands. The company also operates Budget Truck Rental and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Avis Budget Group, Inc. (NYSE: CAR). The Budget U.S. fleet averages 110,000 vehicles and features a wide variety of Ford vehicles. Budget "where2" Portable Navigation is available with all rentals in select cities.

  • Thrifty

    Thrifty Car Rental is one of the largest car rental companies in the world and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc. In November 2012, Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: HTZ) acquired Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group. Through corporately-owned and franchised stores, the company operates more than 1,000 locations in 77 countries.

  • Hertz

    Hertz incorporated on July 15, 2005 operates car rental business through its Hertz, Dollar, Thrifty and Firefly brands. The Company's operating segments were U.S. Car Rental, International Car Rental, Worldwide Equipment Rental. As of December 31, 2014, the Company operated 10,880 corporate and franchisee locations in North America, Europe, Latin and South America, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and New Zealand. The Company's Hertz brand has approximately 9,395 corporate and franchisee locations in 145 countries. Its Dollar and Thrifty brands combined have approximately 1,380 corporate and franchisee locations in 77 countries and Firefly brand has approximately 105 corporate and franchisee locations in 12 countries. The Company's equipment rental business over 350 branches in the United States, Canada, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, China and Saudi Arabia, as well as through its international franchisees.

  • Alamo

    Alamo has pioneered the way for customers to use rented vehicles with unlimited free mileage. This allowed Alamo to make headway into the vacation industry, while keeping a focus on providing an affordable, high-quality, and exciting rental experience for all customers. Alamo Rent a Car offers a wide selection of vehicles including car rental or commercial. Alamo Rent a Car has locations in more than 42 countries worldwide with more than 1,000 Alamo car rental locations found throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Australia.

  • Europcar

    Europcar has evolved to the point of becoming a world mobility service supplier. The pillars of this growth is based on airline company agreements, railway operators, hotelier groups, automobile clubs and road assistance services. Europcar, integrates the car rental business within a consistent world mobility concept. As a top-three world player in business and leisure vehicle rentals, Europcar is a leader within Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa, and Latin America. Europcar holds the record for the world's largest car rental network for light utility vehicles and passenger vehicles. Europcar has years of experience in providing great value and high quality car rental to companies. They have developed a range of products to meet corporate rental needs, making life easier for you and for your staff.

  • Enterprise

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an ongoing American success story. Our guiding principles, and humble beginning, revolve around personal honesty and integrity. We believe in strengthening our community’s one neighborhood at a time, serving our customers as if they were our family, and rewarding hard work. These things are as true today as they were when we were founded in 1957. Enterprise car rentals offer many rental services nationwide. They have over 65, 000 different locations nationwide. In addition, they are the largest and possibly most well- known company in North America. Enterprise has so many different locations that usually you can find an Enterprise location within 15 miles of radius.

  • Dollar

    The foundation of Dollar Rent a Car is built on a philosophy of exceptional customer service. That fundamental principle is passed on to each employee through our unique Customer Driven training program. Dollar’s attention to customer service and our fleet of fine quality rental cars and car hire products, is complemented by our strong line-up of business travel and vacation planning services available at most Dollar Rent A Car locations. Reserve your next rental car through their convenient and secure online car rental reservation center. Planning your next family vacation or business trip was never easier with their car rental travel partner program featuring convenient online airline and hotel reservations from major companies such as Southwest, American, United, Hawaiian and more!

  • National

    The start of National is a culmination of more than 20 car rental operators with an 800-fleet mobility unit. The beginnings of National started from more than 60 locations, and they quickly established themselves as the best leader in personal service.

  • Sixt

    Sixt rent a car was founded in 1912 in Munich, Germany, and started out with a fleet of just three vehicles. As one of the first rental car companies in the world and now over 100 years in the business, they have earned a trusted reputation as a global leading car rental provider. Always at the forefront of the industry, they were the first car rental company with a website and the first to accept mobile reservations. Today Sixt is present in over 105 countries with branches in over 4,000 locations. You will be able to find our Sixt car rental services in almost every major city and tourist destination worldwide at convenient locations such as airports, train stations, cruise ports, and hotels.

  • Rentalcars

    Rentalcars is the world’s biggest online car rental service, arranging over 7.1 million rentals a year in over 46000 locations worldwide. With customers in 169 countries, which support through a website available in 40 languages and multiple currencies. As part of the Priceline Group,member of the world’s leading travel group, which also includes,,, KAYAK and deals with all the major car hire companies around the world checking which local supplier is offering the best prices for the car you want on the date you need it whilst ensuring everyone we deal with offers a great level of service. They want to ensure our customers have access to worldwide car hire services at the lowest possible prices so that you could not only save time by dealing with just one company but could also have confidence that they are getting excellent value for money as well as great service.

  • Car Trawler

    Car Trawler connects customers and travel companies to more ground based transport solutions in more cities than they will find anywhere else. They provide ground transport companies such as car rental, limousine, rail, shuttle and taxi services with a highly efficient route to market.

  • Tourico

    Tourico Holidays is a travel distribution company that provides business-to-business wholesale travel brokerage services. Founded in 1994, is based in Altamonte Springs, Florida. It also has offices in London, United Kingdom; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Kowloon, Hong Kong; Tokyo, Japan; and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Tourico Holidays, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Travel Holdings, Inc.

  • AbhiBus

    AbhiBus - which means Bus Now (in Hindi), was founded on a simple idea – An idea that would allow Indian Bus Travellers to book bus tickets at a click, from the convenience of their homes and simplifies online booking of bus tickets for bus travellers all over India. With ticket inventory from over 2000 operators and 50000 routes, is the preferred choice of online booking, when it comes to bus travel.Founded in the year 2007, AbhiBus Services (India) Private Limited is a pioneer in providing end-to-end software and other value added solutions for the Bus Transport Industry by leveraging the latest technologies. The company also provides technology solutions to more than 200+ large private bus operators in India and 4 state transport corporations. The end-to-end software solutions include e-ticketing systems, fleet management solutions, vehicle tracking systems, passenger information systems, logistics management backed by a 24x7 customer support centre.Today, AbhiBus is also the preferred Information Technology Partner for State Transport Corporations and Private Bus Fleet Operators. AbhiBus is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

  • Travelyaari

    Travelyaari is not just an online travel agency where we deploy our own computerized reservation system at the operator's booking offices and agent network to ensure that their whole inventory is made real time or "live" to ensure that 100% of the seats are visible to you when you do the booking online. When you use travelyaari, they show you the exact seat availability status of the whole bus. It claims to have 50,000 unique visitors a day and expects a turnover of about Rs 500 crore for the financial year ending March 2016 and it also has features in their online booking system that maintain the safety of single women passengers .Travelyaari is an Indian online bus ticketing website with its offices in Bangalore and other major cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Vijayawada and Rajkot.

  • redBus

    redBus – India’s number 1 bus ticketing and hotel room reservation platform, was founded in 2005 and is a part of the ibibo Group. You can book bus tickets with zero booking charges with 1500+ bus operators and 80,000 routes in India. redBus has moved beyond providing value over the internet by reaching out to customers using all media that provide them convenience - be it over the phone, home delivery, physical outlets or even SMS. Today you can book a redBus ticket at over 30,000+ outlets with very satisfied customers. Some of them have been generous enough to write us testimonials and we have showcased them on our site.

  • took an initiative machinery to facilitate travelers. The TicketGoose website holds an edge over others in terms of a comprehensive visual display of seating arrangements of buses, journey durations, fares and availability of tickets. The assuring travel insurance policies and festive offers also got a great deal in attracting customers to the site.

  • Ticketvala

    Ticketvala offers luxury Volvo, air-conditioned, non air-conditioned, seater, sleeper, seater cum sleeper and other types of buses across the length and breadth of the country. It also offers special bus charters, car/taxi bookings, hotel services as well as domestic and international holiday provides real time prices and inventory position, multiple payment options (from credit cards to debit cards, internet banking, cash cards et all), easy cost/availability comparison, last minute bookings, customer support and even home delivery of tickets. This is backed by a soaring-high range of best-value products and services and dedicated customer support. Remaining reliable, efficient and at the forefront of technology, Ticketvala's commitment and customer-centricity allows it to better understand and provide for its customers' diverse needs and wants, and deliver consistently

  • GTA

    GTA is a world leader in the provision of ground travel products and services to the fully independent travel industry. It build a portfolio for accommodation options, tour guide and transfer services, unique experiences, city tours, excursions, attraction tickets and restaurants from more than 50,000 suppliers in 185 countries.

  • Hotelbeds

    HotelBeds Accommodation and Destination Services is a business to business wholesale provider of travel services around the world. It works with over 2,000 resorts in 80 countries to deliver in-destination services to more than five million travel customers. They are the global distributor of accommodation and ancillary products to the world's travel trade and focused on driving business while simplifying the customer experience across all our touch points.

  • Tourico

    Tourico Holidays is a travel distribution company that provides business-to-business wholesale travel brokerage services. Founded in 1994, is based in Altamonte Springs, Florida. It also has offices in London, United Kingdom; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Kowloon, Hong Kong; Tokyo, Japan; and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Tourico Holidays, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Travel Holdings, Inc.

  • Rentalcars

    Rentalcars is the world’s biggest online car rental service, arranging over 7.1 million rentals a year in over 46000 locations worldwide. With customers in 169 countries, which support through a website available in 40 languages and multiple currencies. As part of the Priceline Group,member of the world’s leading travel group, which also includes,,, KAYAK and deals with all the major car hire companies around the world checking which local supplier is offering the best prices for the car you want on the date you need it whilst ensuring everyone we deal with offers a great level of service. They want to ensure our customers have access to worldwide car hire services at the lowest possible prices so that you could not only save time by dealing with just one company but could also have confidence that they are getting excellent value for money as well as great service.

  • City Discovery

    City Discovery is about helping you find that unforgettable experience and bring you the best part of your vacation.

  • A2B Transfer

    A2Btransfers was established in 2005 by a team of travel professionals, who realised the increasing need for tailor-made holidays among clients and agents looking for a simple way to put a value package together. As a result is now the fastest growing online holiday Transfer Company with sales of almost 1 million passenger transfer per year and in 2009 have been nominated in no less than 6 Travel Industry Awards for the high standard of service given to Travel Agents and Consumers. provide a comprehensive range of international transfers for business and holiday travel, from airports, harbours and resorts via taxi, minibus, coach, water taxi and even helicopter. In fact transfers are now available in over 7500 Cities & resorts and in 70 countries offering customers an unrivalled choice throughout the world. has offices based in the UK, South Africa and Greece. The A2Btransfers team has a wealth of experience behind them not just in the travel sector but also the online industry. You can be sure that the A2Btransfers team is here to help you put those final touches to your, well planned, holiday.

  • World Airport Transfer

    World Airport Transfer has offered economical and hassle-free transport options to and from airports worldwide with wide choice of vehicles since from 1997.

  • HolidayTaxis

    HolidayTaxis is a worldwide transport service, offering you airport to city and resort transfers in over 11,000 destinations in over 120 countries around the world.

  • Star Cruises is credited with almost single handedly developing the cruise industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Its foray into the global shipping market has allowed it to tap into lucrative and more mature markets in North America and Europe. Its services cater to Asian passengers as well as to North Americans, Europeans and Australians interested in Asian destinations.

  • Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is an American global cruise company incorporated in Liberia and based in Miami, Florida. It is the world's second-largest cruise line operator, after Carnival Corporation & plc. As of March 2009, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. fully owns three cruise lines: Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, and Azamara Club Cruises.

  • Costa Cruises Group, the company is one of the main operating companies in the Carnival group, with executive control of the groups activities in Europe. The company is responsible for operation of Costa Cruises in Italy, and AIDA Cruises in Germany and was formerly responsible for the operation of Ibero Cruises in Spain. AIDA was previously a subsidiary of P&O Princess Cruises, being transferred to Costa following the merger of Carnival Corporation and P&O Princess in 2002

  • MSC Cruises is an Italy founded, Swiss-registered, global cruise line with headquarters in Geneva. MSC Cruises is the world's largest privately owned cruise company, employing 16,300 people worldwide and having offices in 45 countries as of July 2014.[1]MSC Cruises (Italian: MSC Crociere S.p.A.) is part of the Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC), the world's second biggest container shipping operator.

  • Norwegian

    Norwegian Cruise Line is an internationally operating cruise line headquartered in Miami, Florida with two offices in Wiesbaden and London overseeing operations in Europe. Norwegian Cruise Line is an innovator company in cruise travel with a 48-year history of breaking the boundaries of traditional cruising, most notably with the introduction of Freestyle Cruising which revolutionized the industry by giving guests more freedom and flexibility. Today, Norwegian invites guests to "Cruise like a Norwegian" on one of 13 purpose-built Freestyle Cruising ships, providing guests the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed cruise holiday on some of the newest and most contemporary ships at sea. Norwegian Cruise Line is the official cruise line of the Miami Dolphins/Sun Life Stadium, The New York Knicks, Legends in Concert; and the official cruise line partner of The GRAMMY Awards and is an official partner of the Rockettes and Radio City Music Hall.

  • Carnival

    Carnival is The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line with 25 ships operating 3 to 16-day voyages to The Bahamas, Caribbean, Europe, Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, New England, Bermuda, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Carnival’s newest ship, Carnival Vista, debuted in Spring 2016, and another vessel is scheduled to enter service in 2018. Carnival offer a wide array of quality cruises, and pride ourselves on delivering memorable vacations to our guests. A Carnival cruise offers not only outstanding value for the money, but most importantly, fun! A “Fun Ship” cruise features day and nighttime entertainment like stage shows, musical performances, casinos and more.

  • Celebrity

    Celebrity Cruises is a premium cruise line which was founded in 1988 by the Greece-based Chandris Group. In 1997, Celebrity Cruises Ltd. merged with Royal Caribbean International to become Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., which operates Celebrity, Royal Caribbean International, Azamara Club Cruises, Pullmantur Cruises and CDF Croisières de France. Common features on board Celebrity brand ships feature aft-glass dining rooms, formal foyer areas, alternate dining venues, balcony and suite staterooms, pools and lounging areas, bars and lounges, libraries, spas and gyms, and relaxation areas.

  • Crystal

    Crystal Cruise Lines, most commonly referred to as Crystal Cruises, is an American luxury cruise line with its headquarters in Los Angeles in the United States. The line was established in 1988 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the large Japanese shipping company Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK). Readers of Condé Nast Traveler have voted the line Best Midsize Cruise Ship Line for 21 years. Readers of Travel + Leisure have voted Crystal Cruises World's Best for 19 consecutive years. The cruises offered by Crystal Cruises include an annual World Cruise on the Crystal Serenity of about 110 days in length.

  • Cunard

    Cunard Line's cruise ships the Queen Mary 2, the Queen Victoria, and the new Queen Elizabeth are 'the most famous ocean liners in the world. They provide an around the world voyage, a transatlantic cruise or a regional cruise of the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Scandanavia, Europe and more aboard one of these most historic ships. Cunard Lines has sophisticated ocean travel and adventure cruises

  • Princess

    Princess Cruises is a cruise line based in Santa Clarita, California, in the United States and incorporated in Bermuda. Previously a subsidiary of P&O Princess Cruises, the company is now one of ten cruise ship brands owned by the world's largest cruise ship operator the American/British Carnival Corporation & plc and accounts for approximately 19% share of its revenue. It is part of Holland America Group, which controls the three Carnival brands based on the West Coast of the United States. The line's ships cruise worldwide and are marketed to both American and international passengers

  • Disney

    Disney Cruise Line is a cruise line operation that is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. The company was incorporated in 1996 as Magical Cruise Company Limitedwith their operational headquarters located in Celebration, Florida. Disney Cruise Line currently operates four ships: Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, and Disney Fantasy. Disney Cruise Line also owns Castaway Cay, a private island in the Bahamas designed as an exclusive port of call for Disney's ships. Disney Cruise Line operates the Disney Cruise Line Terminal in Port Canaveral, Florida.

  • Holland America

    Holland America Line's fleet of 14 modern classic ships offers more than 500 sailings a year visiting all seven continents. Cruises include both popular and less-traveled ports in the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Mexico, South America, the Panama Canal, Australia, New Zealand and Asia — as well as unique voyages to the Amazon, Antarctica and extended Grand Voyages.

  • Azamara

    Azamara Club Cruises is a cruise company that operates two ships, the Azamara Journey and the Azamara Quest. The company is a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Cruises. Azamara Club Cruises currently operates two vessels that were originally part of the eight R-Class cruise ships built between 1998-2001 for Renaissance Cruises. The Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest were both built in 2000 and were originally called R Six and R Seven. Azamara Club Cruises offers 60 to 70 voyages around the world.

  • Pullmantur

    40 years ago, Pullmantur started its activity creating arterial circuits around Madrid. After the great success it was decided to launch its own holiday packages in Spain and Europe. At the beginning of the 90's, the company opened the first charter flight from Spain to the Mexican Pacific. At the end of this decade Pullmantur expanded the activity to the cruise sector, considered traditionally an expensive and elitist product, becoming the first company directed to the Hispanic public and with reasonable prices. In 2003, the company expands the market creating Pullmantur Air, airline which nowadays has four Boeing 747-400. Two years later, in 2005, Pullmantur became the first Spanish shipping company that offered the regime "All Included" in the cruises, and now it operates a fleet with six ships: Sovereign, Empress, Horizon, Zenith, Ocean Dream and Bleu de France. Pullmantur extensive range provides travelers the opportunity to discover and learn from the stunning landscapes and cities full of history that bathe the seas of northern Europe; to gorgeous sunsets in the Mediterranean, where passengers also will be captivated by the beauty of Rome, the glamor of Monaco or the magic of Sardinia; or colorful Caribbean Sea, its enchanting beaches and the joy of their people.

  • Ibero

    Iberocruceros is a company whose main objective is to provide Spanish-style cruises. They adapt to the way of life of Spanish and international travelers. A taste, schedules, meals, in the treatment, service etc...

  • Silversea

    Silversea was founded in 1994 by a joint venture made up of V-Ships (previously known as Vlasov Group) of Monaco and the Lefebvre family of Rome. The joint venturers had previously been the co-owners of Sitmar Cruises. Silversea's business model was to operate ships in the small, all-suite, ultra-luxury category. According to John Bland, Silversea's President in 1993–94. The new line's all inclusive fares included such features as gratuities (none were allowed), beverages (including selected wines at lunch and dinner), port charges, travel insurance, and one or more complimentary shore events in every itinerary.

  • Amadeus

    Amadeus GDS enables leading travel providers to run their business efficiently and effectively. Amadeus provides the technology which keeps the travel sector moving - from initial search to making a booking, from pricing to ticketing, from managing reservations to managing check-in and departure processes. Amadeus Products and solutions help to improve the business performance of the customers; travel agencies, corporations, airlines, ground handlers, hotels, railways, car rental companies, airports, cruise lines and ferry operators.

  • Sabre

    Sabre Global Distribution System (GDS), owned by Sabre Holdings, is used by more than 350,000 travel agents around the world with more than 400 airlines, 100,000 hotels, 25 car rental brands, 50 rail providers and 17 cruise lines.

  • Tourico

    Tourico Holidays is a travel distribution company that provides business-to-business wholesale travel brokerage services. Founded in 1994, is based in Altamonte Springs, Florida. It also has offices in London, United Kingdom; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Kowloon, Hong Kong; Tokyo, Japan; and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Tourico Holidays, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Travel Holdings, Inc.

  • AXA Group, a worldwide leader in financial services. AXA operate in 59 Countries with over 161,000 employees and 103 million customers.In the UK they specialise in Wealth management , Insurance , Healthcare.

  • AIG’s Travel Guard is designed to fit every traveler and budget. Their trip insurance plans include assistance with navigating canceled flights, lost bags, sudden health emergencies, and more across the world.

  • On January 14, 2016, ACE Limited acquired The Chubb Corporation, creating a global insurance leader operating under the renowned Chubb name. Chubb is the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer. With operations in 54 countries, Chubb provides commercial and personal property and casualty insurance, personal accident and supplemental health insurance, reinsurance and life insurance to a diverse group of clients. The company is distinguished by its extensive product and service offerings, broad distribution capabilities, exceptional financial strength, underwriting excellence, superior claims handling expertise and local operations globally.



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